joanna koziej portait

Graphic designer, painter and a bit of a geek. Lives & works in Warsaw, Poland.

Education & scholarships

2006 – 2012 Master degree very good with honors at Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, Poland, Graphics Faculty
 2009/2010 Scholarship at Ecole Nationale Supérieure Des Arts Décoratifs in Paris, France, Image Imprimée Faculty

Selected exhibitions & awards

2016 – Solo graphics & painting exhibition, Hugonówka, Konstancin, Poland
2014 – ‘Colorically’ Painting Exhibition, New York Gallery, Curator: Sylwia Mańko
2014 – ‘Bravo Lovely’ Painting exhibition, Radna 6/8 Gallery, Warsaw
2014 – ‘Make it on the square vol. 4’, Graffiti Jam, Warsaw
2014 – ‘Movements’ & ‘the Family’, Solo painting exhibition, Basilia, Warsaw
2014 – ‘bARTer, images for exchange’ project, Blok Żab. atelier, Warsaw
2013 – Poster exhibition, ‘Night of the Museums in the Block’, Blok Żab. atelier, Warsaw
2012 – Poster exhibition ‘Performeria Warszawy’, Squat Przychodnia, Warsaw
2012 – Poster exhibition, 23rd International Poster Biennale in Warsaw
2012 – Poster exhibition ‘Turboposter’, Między Nami, Warsaw
2011 – Exhibition, Night of the Museums, GPW, Warsaw
2011 – Exhibition ‘Drawings from Graphics’ Klatka Gallery, Warsaw
2011 – Poster exhibition, Przy Automacie Gallery, Warszawa
2010 – Installation, exhibition in BizArt Gallery, Shanghai
2010 – Poster exhibition, 4th International Student Poster Biennale in Nowy Sad
2010 – Poster exhibition, International Graphics Festival, Echirolles
2010 – finals, european poster competition ‘The river and the city’, Vitry-sur-Seine, France
2009 – „We are for sale” happening, Academy of Fine Arts, Warsaw
2009 – Interactive installations, Ljubljana, Slovenia
2008 – Nagroda Rektora ASP w Warszawie, Konkurs Grafika Warszawska, galeria TEST
2008 – Painting exhibition, Fryderyk Chopin University of Music, Warsaw


2016 – overview of my old and latest artwork, ‘eleWator’ quarterly magazine about literature and culture.